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A 24-Karat Opportunity

Nobody settles with one jewelry shop when it comes to buying gold or other jewelry, and to overcome the hustle Q-Links has brought all the best jewelers under one roof. The five-star Gold Souq is the first ever Bahria’s gold market offering guaranteed rental income and maximum returns on investment.

A 24 Karat opportunity for all the gold traders out there to own their shop and dive into the amazing choice, modern architecture, and creative styles. A perfect place to invest as it is nestled between Eiffel Tower and Jasmine Grand Mall. Shops of booking from the basement to the third floor are open, here is the Gold Souq payment plan

Bahria Town is known for its rich features and luxury lifestyle and the Gold Souq would be a profitable addition to its commercial space. Owning a shop in Bharia Town or Bharia Orchard shopping malls is like attracting maximum customers and elevating your brand. People shop from Bahria’s marketplaces without worrying about the quality of the products as they have established enough trust. Similarly, once the Gold Souq is open people will definitely purchase gold and other ornaments from here without worrying about the quality, quantity, and purity. Everything is designed to serve the best.

Get ready to book a shop in the most significant gold hub of Bahria Town Lahore and avail of income, business and growth opportunities. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime offer to be part of Lahore’s very first ultra-modern gold market. For booking and further details, you can visit the Q-Links website or contact authorized dealers.


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