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Orchard Mall – Key Features

Located at the prime spot of Bahria Orchard, Main Raiwand Road, Lahore – Orchard Mall is in progress to bring exciting experiences to its visitors. It is one of Q-Links’s mega projects and would be the best in attractions, entertainment, and retail. Orchard Malls’ each floor is perfectly designed and built to attract maximum shoppers.

The Orchard Mall covers a 150,000 square feet area with 340 plus shops and 5 kiosks. Ultimately, a rich place for businesses to take over. Following is the revolutionary floor plan of your new favorite shopping mall:

Basement: Premium Aslam Supermarket
First Floor: Wedding Arena
Second Floor: Kids Arena
Third Floor: IT Market
Fourth Floor: Luxury Hotel Apartments

Q-Links is committed to providing the mall’s best and most sustained maintenance through best operational practices such as security systems, high-end ambiance, cutting-edge technology, water-saving, insulation, and backup power systems. Collectively, everything in this growing hub makes it the best place to invest in the town.

With a mission of helping investors transform the property into a space of success – the Hotel Apartments of Orchard Mall is a smart investment. No risks are involved, you can generate guaranteed rental income from them. With the end goal of upgrading the lifestyle of both visitors and investors, each corner of these serviced hotel apartments is artistically decorated. If you are looking for a luxurious yet cozy place to stay or a residential property that makes upto 6% per year on your investment – Orchard Hotel Apartments is for you!

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