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With easy installment and affordable payment plan, the booking of Jasmine Mall Karachi retail shops is open now. Golden opportunity for Pakistanis all around the globe to invest in the prime location of Bahria Town, Karachi. The shops of Jasmine Mall Karachi offer countless growth opportunities for investors with a list of key features, facilities, and amenities.

No matter where you are from, contact Q-Links’ authorized dealers today and invest in the shops of our upcoming 5-star shopping mall. Jasmine Mall is located at the main crossroads of Bahria Town Karachi to succeed and is designed for growth and earning opportunities.

Payment Plan of Jasmine Mall Karachi

● Booking starts from Rs. 10.5 Lacs Only
● Monthly Installments Rs. 50,000 /-
● 3-Year Installment Plan
● 6% Guaranteed Rental Income

The Interior, exterior, and architecture of Jasmine Mall Karachi are designed to give a deluxe shopping experience to its visitors. A mall like no other, Jasmine Mall Karachi has more than 300 retail shops including a premium supermarket and fine dining experiences, and a wide range of leisure attractions for friends and family to enjoy.

Whether you want to go for groceries, kids’ shopping, wedding shopping, buy mobile accessories, or any other device the concept of visiting different markets will surely end, as Jasmine Mall Karachi has them all. So, if you want to branch out, attract maximum customers, and grow your business book a shop here.

For shop booking, payment plan or other details visit our website or contact our authorized dealers.


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